GiveMN SpringForwardMN Fundraiser

SpringForwardMN starts tomorrow May 1st, and we’re ready! The giving period is from May 1 – May 11th, gifts can be made anytime starting at 12:00am. Visit our GiveMN Page to help us reach our $1,500 goal:
What are you fundraising for during SpringForwardMN?
We’ve set a goal of $1,500 specifically for our Indigenizing Love group which centers Two Spirit and Native LGBTQIA+ youth, led by Lenny Hayes a Two-Spirit mental health provider known locally and nationally, in partnership with the authors of the Indigenizing Love Toolkit. We want to keep this group going after struggling to find adequate funding during the current grant cycle. We’re excited about this program because it embodies the approach to care we value most: where wellness is about the whole person and about showing care in our larger communities.
How will the funds you raise make a difference?
Meeting this goal would provide an additional 4 months of programming for our Indigenizing Love group, covering necessary supplies and some facilitator costs. This group meets weekly, so participating youth will get about 16 additional meetings as we head into summer. So often Indigenous communities are erased from bigger conversations about healthcare, wellness, and injustice –this group prioritizes young Indigenous community members, led by people who look like them. We’re proud of this group and we are invested in seeing it grow!