Sexual Health Education

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Dakota Child and Family Clinic was awarded a Family Planning Special Projects (FPSP) grant from the Minnesota Department of Health. This grant will be used to fund family planning programs for youth, specifically with a focus on sexual health education.

If you have questions please contact the Program Coordinator, Amirillis Vang at


Parent & Caregiver Education Series

Do you want to be a confident, knowledgeable sex educator for your child(ren) without all the awkwardness? Join us for education and support in becoming the best guide you can be on healthy reproductive choices.

MN Family Planning + STI Hotline

The Hotline provides reliable, medically accurate, and confidential information via phone, text, and web chat. The hotline services are sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Health, and operated by the Family Tree Clinic in Minneapolis. Live chat and texting options are available. Please visit for more information.

Parent and Caregivers Resources

DCFC has put together a resource page with sexual health education websites, articles, and facilities. Parent and Caregivers Resources